Live-Shot: After John Lockwood from Nick Hubbard on Vimeo.

Live-Shot: after John Lockwood

An interactive video installation created by Nick Hubbard at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP), NYU 2015. Found video footage, miniatures, custom diorama, Servo Motor, Web Camera. 

Software: Arduino, Isadora, Audacity.

From a remote location, with a standard mouse, a user controls a miniature rifle and web camera mounted on a servo, aiming the rifle at animals inhabiting a custom-made diorama viewed on a monitor with a live video feed. When the user is on-target and the mouse is clicked, found video footage displays on the monitor, souvenirs from hunting trips that include the kill-shot and posing with the trophy animal.

Source video: 
Wild North Outfitters wolf hunting documentation.
Jim River Guide Service White Buffalo hunt.

Thanks (testers):
Federico Burch
Thea Rae
David Gochfeld

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